Easy and Cheap DIY Laptop Cooler

The older and older my gaming laptop gets, the more I feel it heats up very quickly. Few times already I’ve had to take off the bottom and blow out dust that was caked around the fan and the fan vents. That helps tremendously. Many of you have probably had to invest in a laptop cooler or two, and that get can expensive. When it comes to a laptop cooler, you get what you pay for. If you invest in a $10 cooler from Walmart, you may be buying another in a month or two. If you spend up to $50, you’re usually gonna be satisfied with your purchase. Or you may be like me and try to come up with a solution yourself. Pictured is my newest solution to keeping a good amount of airflow beneath your laptop. Pop bottle caps!

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Remember Epic MegaGames?


That is a name we haven’t heard for some time. You may now know them as Epic Games, or just Epic, but way back in the times of One Must Fall: 2097 and Jazz Jackrabbit, they were known as Epic MegaGames. Today I was going through some old MSDOS game files, yes we all still have them, and came upon my old One Must Fall installation bundle. Here is an information document that was included in there: EPIC

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What is your favorite go-to console/game when you get home?


We’ve all been there, or we’re all STILL there. I know I’m guilty of it. We have long days at work/school, and all we can think about is coming home and taking a nap. While I’m at work, nothing sounds better. Until that moment when you get home, and your console is staring at you in the face. Gets me every time. Continue reading